About me


I am Riccardo Pieruccini, aka as Ruggine (‘Rusty’)

I started my carreer as a comic artist and illustrator in 2002, when I won the Pierlambicchi D’oro, a prestigious contest for comic illustrator.

After that I won several contests and awards in the field.

I worked with a number of prominent comic artists such as Moreno Burattini, Simone Bianchi, Tito Faraci, Marco Turini and worked independently as a cartoonist, illustrator and storyboarder.

I contributed to sever magazines and publishers such as Lamette comics, edizioni Genovese, Arcadia, Rainbow, Star Comics.

For Star comics I published, with Marco Turini, one volume in the serie “Cornelio, delitti d’autore” and one volume in the serie “The secret” by Giuseppe di Bernardo.

With Moreno Burattini I recently completed the story “Una tomba per Gavinana”, to be published in a volum in the 150th anniversary of the reunification of Italy, by Luccacomics

I published two episodes in the fantasy serie “Edena”.

Form the 2011 I started to work with Marvel Comics as supplier: I worked as inker with Simone Bianchi for Wolverine Evolution and Thanos. I am currently working with Simone for other Marvel’s pubblications.

In the 2013 I started a collaboration with Da Vinci Giochi: I realized the illustration of the popular board Game Bang.

I worked in advertising for Leo Burnett and Ogylvi and with Colorado Film production. In particular I worked as a costume visualizer in Gabriele Salvatores’ movies “Come Dio comanda” (2008), “Happy family” (2010), “Educazione siberiana” (2013) and in Diego Abbatantuono’s movie “Area Paradiso” (2012) and in the last Salvatores’s movie.

I am also a freelance illustrator and comic artist, I publish my comic strip“LSD, la lega dei superdementi” on Schockdom and Facebook

I taught sketching and comics at the Florence Design Academy (2008-11)

Starting from 2005 I have worked for Luccacomicsandgames, the nation wide convention as a member of the organizing commettee, and I have planned several educational events in the field of comic art.

Welcome in my world!

Work experience / Accademic appointee:

2012-2013: I am currently working with the prominent comic artist Simone Bianchi; we are publishing for Marvel the serie Thanos

2008-2011: I taught sketching and comics at the Florence Design Academy:

2005: I worked with Tito Faraci in the project Le avventure di Gugo e Guga, for Lucca children hospital, sponsored by Luccacomics.

2005-2013: In 2005 I started to work for Luccacomics and games, a nation wide annual convention, as event planner and coordinator of the Self-area, with Jacopo Moretti

2005-2013: Starting from 2005 I worked for Leo Burnett and Ogylvi as a advertising visualizer, and I worked with Colorado Film Productions, as a costumes visualizer in Gabriele Salvatores’ movies: Come Dio comanda (2008), Happy family (2010), Educazione siberiana (2013) and in Diego Abbatantuono’s movie Area Paradiso (2012)


Moreno Burattini, Riccardo Pieruccini, Una tomba per Gavinana, Luccacomics (to be published)

Riccardo Pieruccini, Beniamino Del Vecchio, Coloro che dal cielo caddero, in Giuseppe Di Bernardo, The secret, Star Comics, 2011.

Marco Turini, Riccardo Pieruccini, Chiamatemi Cornelio, vol. 1, in the serie Cornelio – delitti d’autore, Star Comics 2010.

Marco Turini, Riccardo Pieruccini, Jam ed Erys, Arcadia, 2008.

Moreno Burattini, Riccardo Pieruccini, The world of Vorodin, Edizioni Genovese, 2007


2002: Pierlambicchi D’oro

2004: First Prize Lanciano comics